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Byline: Elizabeth Hilger-Vendura

Jan 17, 2012 (New Era/All Africa Global Media by means of COMTEX)-- Rundu Community is the funding of the Kavango Area in the north part of Namibia.

The Kavango Area is well known for its wide range of natural resources and also its varied and colourful society, which combined, have the potential to boost the tourist industry, create regional employment for its individuals and produce foreign currency.

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Rundu is also the entry point to Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KaZa-TFCA), the location that makes the north-eastern areas of Namibia more eye-catching than ever before.

In the Kavango, we have an abundant history and a metropolitan wetland community worth seeing, yet few vacationers are seeing the town, despite being the gateway to the Kavango as well as Caprivi areas, as most see Rundu as an unfortunate stopover considering that extremely couple of tasks or locations are welcoming enough to be visited.

The major location Rundu has to use in regards to a native environment and also a silent location, where both local citizens as well as visitors can go and spend some top quality time, is the Rundu floodplain and its wetland ecosystem.

This is the area between Rundu Beach and the Ekongoro Lake, the only place left about Rundu where you can identify different types of birds as well as observe a rich biodiversity (which belongs to the delicate Okavango marshes system).

Regrettably, this marsh is under threat - twenty years back, also monkeys were still living at the Rundu floodplain but they have currently gone away because of environment devastation.

Numerous aboriginal, frequently unusual, types of trees as well as plants of the Kavango can be located at the floodplain.

The floodplain is a launching factor for wato (canoe) journeys on the river and running routes ashore which come to both visitors and regional homeowners alike. The possibility for work development amongst local tourist guide taking visitors from Rundu Coastline to the Ekongoro Lake can not be neglected. Not everyone can pay for Etosha or travelling out of the country, therefore a city wetland is useful both for travelers, local homeowners and as part of local college programs.

Visitors travel to check out areas, they like to satisfy the people of that particular location, learn about their society, taste their food, mingle with the residents, do exterior tasks, sports activities, go to galleries, take pleasure in nature as well as see as well as purchase arts and also crafts.

Sites such as the old R.O.K., the Ekongoro Lake as well as Zoo and the historically substantial Rundu Chiefs Club, if renovated, could supply further tourist attractions to travelers.

The Ekongoro Zoo (Maria Mwengere Young people Camp) area particularly can resource funds to act as a Kavango arboretum to be linked with the wetland starting at Rundu Coastline.

The relevance of the marsh and of the Kavango River as well as its environment could be communicated in an educational method to the community in order to preserve it for future generations. This will likewise persuade a visitor to remain for a day longer in Rundu.

Nevertheless, the possibility of the town and also its environmental advancement remains in jeopardy due to the bad monitoring of the floodplain as well as its yearly event in particular.

For many years currently, Rundu has held a when popular Xmas 'celebration' at Rundu Coastline (the gateway to the floodplain for the majority of visitors), which entailed families, sports events such as beach ball as well as soccer, and also well handled braai tasks and of course a couple of beers!

Much more just recently, nevertheless, this brief 'festival' has actually degenerated into a 33-day lengthy orgy of drunkeness, loud songs as well as underage drinking, often bring about unexpected maternity and also in reported cases of theft, fights, rape as well as also murder, every one of which have actually been documented by the police.

There are no longer sporting activities, community-building activities or attractions for family members or site visitors alike, and also the sound from Best car speakers 2019 and also cars and trucks has actually gotten to degrees where even homes 1-km far from the website are impacted.

The neighboring tourist market gets on a close to closure setting, due to the noise, the littering as well as the consistent stream of intoxicated individuals travelling on foot or by vehicle to as well as from the coastline.

The Rundu Beach yearly celebration, put out to tender by the Rundu Community Council, has lately been playing an unfavorable impact on all five lodges bordering the floodplain as well as its natural environment. Although several pleas to regulate the extreme coastline sound have actually been brought under the community council's interest, they appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

An added effort of an application from the locals of Tutungeni was given the council's attention, but still without assistance.

The Rundu Coastline is the residential property of the Rundu Town Council, rented out yearly to personal entities during the December vacations and also this year was rented throughout December till prior to the school opens up in January.

In 2010, the Rundu Town Council operated the Rundu Beach Festival themselves, as well as the sound was intolerable - also some vacationers composed frustrating remarks concerning the Rundu Community Council beach sound (we have the copies of the notes on documents for recommendation).

In the end, the community council even sustained a loss for the Rundu Beach Event.

Typically, the leasing of the Rundu Coastline must be restricted to the 6 days between Xmas and also New Year in line with the temporary liquor licence, but the annual leasing as well as marketing of alcohol currently goes on for 33 days while the licence is restored approximately 5 times in a row!

The coordinators market alcohol as the primary business until the early morning, and commonly for 24 hrs straight, in direct breach of the alcohol act. During nowadays the police have to interfere to remind the lessees of their closing times and civil responsibilities.

The continued alcohol consumption is accompanied by very loud songs, the mix of which often leads to violence, rape, fighting, environmental pollution and drunken disturbances.

One year a customizeds officer was eliminated at the coastline occasion, on another year a trainee from UNAM sank, as well as a young man likewise lost his life by dropping from a bakkie while leaving the coastline.

The checklist of sexual offenses are also various to mention.

At dawn, intoxicated individuals are resting at the major intersection decreasing to the coastline, tossing containers at cars and trucks going by or having battles with each other when traveling resulting in the beach.

When vacationers as well as site visitors most likely to have a sight of the sunrise, fauna and vegetation in the floodplain in the early morning, it is this image of Rundu they obtain.

Lodges and guesthouses are impacted by this as reservations are terminated as a result of the sound as well as contamination.

Long-term work are put in jeopardy while event coordinators do not create any long-term work however develop lasting destructive impacts.

In the light of all these casualties, the bad reasoning and also administration by the neighborhood authorities proceeds unrelenting.

The Kavango Area has given birth to ministers, professors, medical professionals, educators, reporters, crafters, designers, designers, agriculturalists, accountants, craftsmens, church leaders, individual organisation males and females, policemans, magistrates, lawyers and also councillors simply to mention a couple of.

So the area has individuals that have the power to alter things. Kavango is not a poor region in human resources or natural elegance, but we have to rest and plan our future effectively.

Whenever we are taking a trip abroad as well as see natural websites visited by tourists, we see a town or district at work for individuals and with the people to protect the area and also to enlighten both homeowners as well as travelers alike.

So the region, similar to other regions, needs sustainable preparation, administration and also enforceable rules to maintain the appeal and also economic climate, and without these components in place we are destroying our future.

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If the operation of the Rundu Beach Christmas celebration can not be enhanced to be environmentally friendly, family related and safe and secure, after that it needs to be suspended forthwith.

- Elizabeth Hilger Vendura is a young business owner (tourist sectors), in your area called Lizza, who was born and also matured in the Kavango Region.